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     On behalf of Interfaith Community Services’ we regularly spend a little more than $9,000 per month to maintain the Evangel-in New-York "Unto the Least of Thy Brethren" Program (distributing hot vegetarian meals to homeless people on the streets of the New York City).

     Please find below an itemized list of the ingredients and expenditures for each month. We hope the pictures we’ve shared will inspire you to donate to help support some aspect of this authentic and worthy effort.

    Ingredient donors can choose to either obtain ingredients and personally transport them to the kitchen or speak to us about how to place an order with one of our vendor suppliers who will deliver your donation to the kitchen.

Ingredients - (per month basis)

  • 350 lbs, split Masoor dahl (orange-colored lightweight dahl)

  • 250 lbs, good quality rice

  • 250 lbs, pasta

  • 2 cases (10 big cans), tomato paste

  • 200 lbs, all-purpose flour

  • 50 lbs, whole wheat flour

  • 170 lbs, granulated sugar

  • 24 lbs (1 case of small boxes), powdered sugar

  • 5 lbs (one bucket), baking soda

  • 5 lbs (one bucket), baking powder

  • 10 gallons, olive/soy/vegetable oil

  • 3 gallons, soy sauce

  • 64 oz (2 cases), yogurt


Misc Small Items

  • Herbal teas

  • Vanilla

  • Raisins

  • Nuts



  • 2 quarts, black pepper

  • 25 lbs, salt (or kosher salt)

  • 2 quarts, turmeric powder

  • 2 quarts, ginger powder

  • 2 quarts, chilie powder

  • 2 quarts, cumin powder

  • 2 quarts, basil

Produce (Fresh vegetables and fruit), $550/month

  • We regularly go out to ask for donations of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • But we also spend an additional $550 each month.


Utilities, $5,571/month

  • Rent, $4,871

    • Lighting, ventilation, cook-stove facility

    • Electric baking facility

  • Electricity, $800

  • Water, $100


Vehicle Maintenance, $1,025/month

  • Gasoline/oil/repairs/parking/insurance/etc.


Paper Products, $250/month

  • Plates, cups, towels, forks, trash bags, etc.


Cleaning & Maintenance, $150/month

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Minor repairs

  • Basic kitchen maintenance


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